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What are my options if I do not have dental insurance?

If you have planned for your dental treatment, or are experiencing a dental emergency, thinking about the financing can add additional pain!

Your simplest and easiest choice is to pay out of pocket. Dental insurance, unless provided by an employer, usually does not deliver a lot and waiting periods, even for preventative services, apply. Some offices will offer you a discount for paying in cash or with a check, and most accept major credit cards.

If you need dental work and cannot afford it, you may be able to get a loan. There are consumer loans offered through your bank or CareCredit (a dental financing company) which offers 0% financing to qualified borrowers.

A newer trend in dental financing is “in office” dental plans which for a set annual fee provides you with preventative and emergency services along with a discount on most treatments. At Advanced Dentistry by Design, we offer a plan called Quality Dental Plan (QDP), please call one of our friendly staff members for details.

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