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Oral Health Education

Knowledge is Power

Here at Advanced Dentistry by Design, we really care about the oral and overall health of each and every patient we treat! It’s not just our job to fix your teeth, it’s our job to keep your mouth healthy so your teeth don’t need fixing, just routine care.

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Oral Health Education

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

As we learn more about the connection between oral health and overall health, we do our best to pass the knowledge onto our patients. We place heavy emphasis on prevention so that you can avoid treatments you don’t want or need. One of the greatest ways we can promote optimal oral health is by dissecting our diets and learning about the impact certain foods and beverages have on our bodies. What we ingest and imbibe can increase inflammation, which exacerbates myriad conditions (like gum disease). For more information on the kind of diet that can improve the way you feel and look, as well as help you ace your dental checkups, read the article below.

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pH Balance

One of the biggest things we can do to affect oral health is to monitor and control the pH within our mouths. Keeping a pH above 5.5 will help keep teeth from deteriorating (the less acidic, the better). Since almost nothing, except water, has a neutral pH, it’s important to know how acidic our beverages are, and that we can limit their detrimental effects on our teeth by rinsing with water soon after another beverage’s consumption. Check out the pH chart here to see where your favorite beverage lands on the pH scale.

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If you have any questions, or want to learn more, contact our Carson City dentist office today! You can come see Dr. Clint Euse, Dr. Kelly Euse, Dr. Randy Wright, and Dr. Matt Lisenby to learn more, and check your mouth’s pH!

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