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Here are some testimonials from our patients.

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We recently had the honor of hosting a local high school senior in our office for her Job Shadowing Senior Project. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to mentor a bright young student and inspire her future career in the dental industry. Here are some of the wonderful things she had to say about her time with our team.

“Working those three days with your team was the most fun I’ve had during winter break! Honestly! I’ve learned so many great things about dentistry, the importance of it, and the kind of work that occurs within the office, treatment rooms, labs, etc. I’m extremely proud to call you and your team my dentists, as Dr. Euse himself should be proud to have assembled a team like this. Not only was I able to gain knowledge for my senior project and for personal sake, but I also learned new meanings of teamwork and met with wonderful people who work with you. It was truly incredible what I witnessed ‘behind-the-scenes’. I always knew that dentistry was the path for me, my destiny, but I needed to know for sure, and this shadowing project did just that. I miss you, all of you, and I really want to keep observing in the future. I will need some time before I can visit again, but hopefully it can be very soon. You are an amazing dentist as well as a person, and I love your sense of humor! Please tell the others that they are amazing as well! Dr. Euse is awesome and astonishing, and it was an honor to meet you all! I hope to see you all soon! Thank you for letting me observe your work! And keep it up, you all are doing great!!” — JBS

“Dr. Kelly Euse is an extremely skilled and compassionate doctor. She has dramatically improved my appearance through Botox injections – family and friends all tell me I “look years younger”! The results are so natural they have no idea I have had a procedure. I am absolutely terrified of needles and so did not even consider Botox until I met Dr. Euse. She is so calming and caring she made the procedure completely comfortable for me. She is a rare combination of highly capable and equally compassionate. I recommend Dr. Euse to anyone who would like to refresh their look and feel completely comfortable in her highly skilled and caring hands.” — Stacey M.

“The doctors and staff are very compassionate and gentle. They always take the time to explain any issues and the proper treatment and home care needed to resolve them. I can recommend them enough.” — Sharon S.

“This past year, I have been treated by Dr. Kelly Euse for a number of serious tooth problems long ignored. During this time, I have seen and experienced how far dentistry has advanced. From surround photography of upper & lower jaws that give doctor & patient an accurate view to a detailed explanation of existing problems. Their high-tech approach to crown preparation & placement really impressed me. Before and after preparation of the tooth, numerous photos were fed into a computer, and these measurements guided the manufacture of a perfect crown color-matched and ready for setting within the hour. So in about two hours a tooth was prepared and permanently crowned, permitting me to resume my daily chores pain free. Best of all, however, are their personnel. Throughout this year, I was treated professionally, courteously and promptly at each visit of which there were several. Needless to say, you can’t bring this state-of-the-art technology into an office without comparable charges to offset the cost when more serious conditions exist, for these there is a slightly higher fee. But consider first the time factor, efficiency and permanence that results from various dental surgeries, like crowns as compared to older methods that involved several trips and extended lead-times. I believe they will work out a time payment agreement for these of course. This is an excellent and well run dentistry office. Let them assess your situation and discover the options available. I know you will be favorably impressed.” — Thomas B.

“After 10 years of ignoring the pain in my mouth and avoiding dental exams, I found Dr. K. Euse. I’ve never been more comfortable in a dentist’s office! What remained of my teeth have been removed, however the beautiful new set of teeth that I’ve received have literally saved my life and brought back my smile. It hasn’t even been 6 months and I’m eating everything! And I’ve happily gained 22 lbs! Kelly and her staff saved my life and my smile proves it!” — Tiffany S.

“I am 62 years old and to my horror I was losing my upper teeth. I went to three other dentists and the price and procedures were different. Dr. Kelly was the fourth dentist I saw and she had the fix for me. It was affordable and would grant me implants for dentures. They work wonderful and look natural and feel great.” — Susan H.

“I think your office is fantastic!! Kristen did a great job- the people at the front desk are great. I think Dr. Euse is one of the best dentists I’ve ever been to. I can’t forget April-also great! My husband, Dale, really likes your office-he referred me to you.” — Madeline F.

“I have been going to Dr. Wright for many years and with every visit, I have been treated with respect and dignity. The entire staff from reception to dental hygienist and dental assistants are professional, kind and caring individuals. I would recommend this office to anyone. In fact, I already have.” — Peggy P.

“Our 12yr old son recently had a very traumatic experience. He crashed on his scooter and knocked out both of his front top teeth. We rushed him to Advanced Dentistry where their whole staff immediately jumped into gear. DR’s Clint and Kelly Euse and their staff immediately took our son to the back and called Dr Buck(an Endodontist) to assist.This all happened late in the afternoon when most people are going home to their families. We were updated throughout by the doctors and staff of every move and that our son was doing well. They moved quickly, professionally and with compassion and kindness throughout.Their concern was only with my sons well-being, and for this we are forever grateful. I highly recommend them and they will become our family dentists. Thank you very much The Woodruff family.” — Jan W.

“Dr. Euse is the best- and I’ve gone to many dentists over the years. And the staff is ALWAYS friendly.” — Kelly F

“I’m so happy I switched to Advanced Dentistry by Design. I took advantage of Dr. Kelly’s free denture and implant consultation. She took pictures of my smile and compared them to pictures I provided of me prior to wearing dentures. She even met personally with her lab technician in Reno to discuss my case. I now have a natural looking and superior fitting denture. Not one adjustment was necessary.Wow! Was I dazzled! At another visit, I watched Dr. Kelly Euse manipulate dental x-rays of my mouth on her computer to design a crown. I left that office visit with a beautiful, permanent crown in place.Dr. Kelly Euse is brilliant. She takes extreme pride in her work and is determined to obtain perfect results. She is an excellent communicator. She not only listens, but understands your concerns. She achieves beautiful results and, as an added bonus, gives painless shots.I have also had the privilege of meeting support staff, Katti, Karen, Liz, Stacy, Carolyn, April and Paula, who are all fun, friendly and very considerate.” — Nancy S.

“The staff was great as usual and it is nice that I was greeted and the girls knew I was coming and said hello and not just hand me paperwork, they knew who I was.” — Judy B.

“It was such a pleasure discovering your business earlier this year. The staff was warm and friendly and Dr. Clint Euse was beyond helpful and professional.I had a bit of a dental emergency back in late February as my front tooth was chipped rather severely and my wedding was only a couple days away. Your staff catered to me immediately. I was referred through a local lab that my regular dentist sent me to who knew your equipment and expertise and you would be my best option to immediately fix my tooth. I arrived at your office late afternoon (Around 4:30pm) and without hesitation Dr. Euse and his lovely wife, also Dr. Euse, agreed to help me that night! Dr. Euse and his assistant stayed four hours beyond business hours fixing my front tooth! That spoke to me well beyond average customer service, entering the realm of real care and community building.Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Euse and to your lovely staff! I had a great wedding and the tooth looked perfect!!!” — Laura H.

“As always a great visit to the dentist. I always leave with a smile to be proud of. Thank you for all your help in getting my teeth & gums back in shape!” — Bill C.

“I’ve been a patient here for many years, and would not consider going anywhere else. The staff is always friendly and courteous, and Dr. Wright provides excellent service. I feel like I am visiting friends when I come in.” — Ron H.

“It was my first experience @ Advanced Dentistry yesterday. Apryl is who I had the pleasure of dealing with. She explained all of my options as far as the procedure I was looking to get done & was very nice & thorough. The women @ the front desk were super nice & friendly. As a moving forward, anything dental related I will be taking my business there. Overall a great experience!” — Bryan H.

“LOVE going to the dentist, now! I’m not a fan of having dental work done. I have dreaded it all my life, but the people here make it painless. They found a failed root canal that my previous dentist missed. I had no symptoms but could see on the scan exactly where decay had begun. This saved me an abscess and a lot of pain. I also adore my hygienist. She never jabs my gums but always gets my teeth perfectly clean and I can actually get an appointment every three months! This was always a struggle at my previous dentist. Overall, I am very well cared for here and have recommended Advanced Dentistry by Design to my friends and family.” — Jennifer

“I used to have a terrible fear of the dentist but Dr. Clint Euse and Apryl really helped me work through all that. The level of care from not just Dr. Euse, but the whole staff is superior. They really take the time to teach you about healthy dental habits and really make you feel like family at the same time.” — Christina G.

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