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Posted December 27th, 2023

Dental Bridges: The Solution For A Beautiful And Confident Smile

Your natural teeth are undoubtedly your most valuable assets. Unfortunately, accidents can occur that could result in the loss of one or more teeth. Missing teeth can negatively impact the appearance of your smile and ultimately, your confidence. However, there are several dental restorations available that can help you regain your confidence. At Advanced Dentistry […]

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Posted December 13th, 2023

Ceramic Crowns: The Natural-looking Solution For Damaged Teeth

Are you self-conscious of your smile and less confident because of your damaged teeth? Has decay progressed enough that it has ruined the integrity of your tooth? Ceramic crowns might be the solution you’re looking for. In addition to restoring damaged, decayed, or weakened teeth, ceramic crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such […]

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Posted November 13th, 2023

The Sinus Lift: A Guide to Understanding the Procedure

If you’re missing teeth or have a sunken upper jaw, you might have heard about a sinus lift procedure (or your dentist might have recommended one). If you’re considering a sinus lift, here’s what you need to know about the procedure, what it entails, and its benefits. What is a Sinus Lift? A sinus lift […]

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Posted October 27th, 2023

Be The Co-Creator Of Your Perfect Smile With Digital Smile Design

Do you feel the need to improve the appearance of your smile, but are anxious about dental procedures? Do you want a beautiful healthy smile that can boost your confidence and overall well-being, but are scared to take the first step? Thankfully, with Digital Smile Design (DSD), achieving a natural-looking smile is much easier. With […]

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Posted October 13th, 2023

Vitamins and Minerals for a Healthy Smile

Most patients know which foods to avoid to keep a healthy smile, however, do you know what vitamins and minerals are good for your teeth? If you answered calcium, you are correct! But there are many more vitamins and minerals you need to keep your mouth and smile looking great. Let’s explore some lesser-known vitamins […]

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Posted September 27th, 2023

What are the Best Foods for Good for Oral Health?

Most people know the basics about diet and oral health. Dentists and hygienists have done a great job educating on foods to avoid. In fact, if you come and see our dentists at Advanced Dentistry by Design! and you have a cavity, they will remind you of the foods and drinks that can put you […]

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Posted September 13th, 2023

Curious about Cosmetic Dentistry? This Will Help.

Cosmetic dentistry has grown in popularity over the years. However, many people are not aware of the remarkable capabilities the dentist has for enhancing, rejuvenating, and maximizing your smile. From whitening to full veneers, depending on your individual concern, there is likely a cosmetic solution waiting for you at Advanced Dentistry by Design!  While there […]

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Posted August 28th, 2023

What is the Truth About Oil Pulling?

Coconut oil is still making its mark on the public; from cooking to skincare it seems to be the be-all-end-all solution for all kinds of health issues. One area where coconut oil has sprung up in popularity is in the oral health community. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have likely heard a […]

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Posted August 16th, 2023

Have a Mouth Sore? What is it and How to Treat it

Almost all of us have dealt with pain in or around our mouths because of a cold sore or canker sore in our lives. But do you really know the difference between these two ailments? Here Advanced Dentistry by Design will talk about both cold sores and canker sores, and we will discuss the differences […]

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