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Tuesdays with the Team


How do you get the most out of your dental benefits?

December, the month when a dental employee’s thoughts turn to….calendar year benefits! A majority of the insurance companies we work with run on a calendar year and any unused benefits on December 31st are lost. Now is the time to schedule for your treatment to maximize your benefits! At Advanced Dentistry by Design in Carson City, it is our goal to not only help you to maintain a healthy mouth but to best utilize your insurance plan.

As a courtesy, we send out reminder letters to patients that their plan is about to expire and offer to help them calculate the remaining coverage available as we did with the State employees for their fiscal year plan. Unsure of your plan year or benefits available? Call Paula, Stacy, or myself at (775) 400-2533 and let us help you determine what is available and help you schedule for a date and time convenient for you.

Not a patient? We will be more than happy to verify the information for you and help you to establish in our practice and complete the necessary work in a timely manner. Call your Carson City dentists today, we look forward to smiling with you soon!!

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