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Tuesdays with the Team


From our registered dental Assistant, Apryl:

I open the door to the waiting room and the person is sweating and shaking. My first thought is “awesome”! Why you might ask? The answers is simple, I love what I do! Helping a nervous person trust and relax at the dentist is easy when you love what you do. I believe that by explaining how I truly understand their fear and showing them how Advanced Dentistry by Design is, they typically leave excited that they have finally taken the first step of walking thru that door.

A few examples of these changes are easy. Lets start at X-rays, they used to be pokey cardboard objects shoved in the mouth and held down for what felt like an eternity. Now a small sensor is used and held down for less then two seconds. This huge change helps the patient who either hates the pain or the patient that has an over-active gag reflex.

A change in kindness is an immediate reflection of the type of office I choose to represent. I want that nervous person to see my eyes, my smile, my hand shake and the calm, kind and fun person that I am. For someone who is nervous, this is exactly what they need. I love to take the time to listen to what fears they have and explain what our team can do to turn their fear into trust, and a pleasant experience.

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