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Tuesdays with the Team


Do you accept Delta Dental?

As we are not “in-network” with Delta, we ask for full payment at the time of service as they will pay the subscriber directly. We do bill Delta as a courtesy and they reimburse the subscriber within three weeks on average.

If we are not in-network with your plan, you should determine if the discount is substantial enough to entice you elsewhere. A really good dentist that you like and trust are sometimes hard to come by and you are the best judge as to whether or not the potential savings are worth seeing another doctor.

If you choose a dentist who is not part of the dental network, some PPO pans will pay based on UCR (usual, customary and reasonable fees) but most out-of-network benefits are paid based on MAC (maximum allowable charge) for the plan. Simply stated, you are responsible for the difference between the charges for your treatment and what your insurance pays.

We do have a large percentage of patients who are out-of-network but, due to the level of care and advanced technology that we offer, the small provider discount offered through their insurance does not outweigh the benefits of being treated in our office.

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