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How to be an Awesome Tooth Fairy

Posted on January 27th, 2023

Advanced Dentistry by Design in Carson City provides some helpful ideas on how to handle your child's tooth loss.The day your child loses their first tooth is a huge milestone!  However, it’s also your first-time playing Tooth Fairy. So, what’s the standard these days? How much money do you leave? What do you do with the tooth? How are you going to stay awake long enough to sneak it from under the pillow? What if they wake up?! 

Don’t worry. Advanced Dentistry by Design has all the good stuff here. No matter if you are a minimal parent, forgetful parent or full on Pinterest-Parent; we’ve got a few ideas to help you navigate your first fairy experience. 

Losing a tooth is a BIG deal to your child

Remember when you lost your first tooth? It feels like it launches you into a whole new tier of childhood. It’s the same for your child. They want you to make a fuss. So even if it doesn’t feel huge to you, pretend it does. 

Pro Tip 1: Celebrate the moment

  • Take pictures of their new smile and send it to grandparents or other family and post it on social media.
  • FaceTime family members so they can show off their smile.
  • Encourage them to retell the ‘falling out’ story.
  • Remind them this rite of passage is important and you’re proud of them. 
  • If you have an upcoming dental appointment, let your child reveal the news to the doctor

Pro Tip 2: Keep track of the tooth!

This probably seems ridiculous… but how many times has your child lost something they JUST received? McDonald’s toy? $5.00 from the birthday card from grandma? Their shoe? Kids lose stuff no matter how important it is. Save yourself from the meltdown and put the tooth somewhere safe immediately. If you are really prepared (Pinterest-parents I’m talking to you) you may have constructed a house or box with your child when their tooth was loose, to prepare for this exact moment. Get that sucker out and put junior’s tooth in it now. For all the other parents, a zip-lock bag or Tupperware works fine. Suggest they wrap the tooth in tissue to keep it safe. 

Pro Tip 3: Have cash on hand

There’s nothing worse than a child losing a tooth at 11PM and mom and dad digging for change in the couch.  If your child has a loose tooth, put a few bucks somewhere out of sight for the big event. Trust me on this one. Leaving a note from the Tooth Fairy telling the child the tooth was too heavy to carry and so they must come back the next night with help doesn’t go over well. Nor do you want to leave your child a $20 because it’s all you have on hand. 

Pro Tip 4: Don’t put the tooth under the pillow 

This may go against tradition but trying to dig a baby tooth out from under the head of a sleeping child is a bad idea. Put the tooth on a dresser or side table for easy access. 

Pro Tip 5: Acknowledge your child’s good oral health

A great way to encourage good oral hygiene is to leave a note from the Tooth Fairy complimenting your child on the cleanliness of the tooth. The Tooth Fairy likely has more influence than mom and dad; so, don’t feel bad taking advantage! 

Well, that’s it. Really, if you make a mistake — it’s all part of the learning experience and there will be MANY more chances to nail your Tooth Fairy duties. 

If you have questions about your child’s oral health, call us today at (755) 883-7244!

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